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Bottle fixed-point Labelling Machine

Bottle fixed-point Labelling Machine

               Bottle fixed-point Labelling Machine 

Basic using of labeling machine 

For standing firm circular cylindrical objects, semicircular labeling, the use of horizontal transmission, horizontal labeling way to increase stability, improve the labeling efficiency.

Optional printer or inkjet printer head to the labeling, can be realized on the label printing production date, batch and print barcodes and other information.

Optional inkjet printer to a conveyor belt, can be realized before or after labeling labeling on the product printing production date, batch number, bar code and other information.


Application of labeling machine 

1.Labeling material: self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive film, electronic supervision code, bar code, etc.

2,Applicable products: Requires circumferential surface or a small cone attached to the surface membrane of the small label or product.

3,Industry: Widely used in medicine, cosmetics, electronics, metal, plastics and other industries.

4,Suitable: Glue bottle labeling, oral liquid bottle labeling, labeling pen, lipstick labeling and so on


Features of labeling machine 

1This machine is designed for labeling on flat products. Such as boxes, lids, bags, square bottles, card, CD case, and so on. 
2Equipped with touch screen control. Easy to operate. 
3The machine will stop working and give out signals when there is no label or no product. 
4High accuracy, steady performance and long using life. 
5Used stainless steel and aluminum alloy with the machine body. Good in looking and high in performance. 


The model OKP-T200 labeling machine parameters



Label width


Label length


Bottle diameter 


Paper roll diameter (maximum)


Inside of paper roll


Laber speed (maximum)

30-60 pcs/min

Labeling precision


Machine size (L *W* H)

 2000 * 1300 * 1500 mm

Frequently Asked Question for labeling machine 


1). What kind of labeling machine do you have?

Dear Customer, we have automatic and semi-automatic labeling machine for round containers and flat surface. Some model for one label and others for two labels or even more. And we can design the machine according to your specific labeling situation.

Thus, pls fell free to send us your labeling requirements, we'll provide you satisfying labeling solution.


2). Could we add coding machine to print date and lot No.?

Yes, you can chose to add coding machine to print the letters and No. you want.

The coding machine, bottle provider machine, inkjet printing machine can ve added


3). What information should we supply to check the suitable model?

Pls send us picture of your container and label, as well as the container and label size.

Pls also tell us what kind of label you use, if possible. (For exampe, self-adhesive, could glue, hot glue, etc. whether the label are in roll or pieces.)

Then, we'll let you check the suitable model.



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Per-sales service1) sales person, project manager, accountant staff             

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Online/sale service

1) super and solid quality

2) fastly delivery

3) standard export package or as you demand

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2) any feedback of machine can be told us, and we will try our best 

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