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Flat/Top Labeling Machine

Labeling self-adhesive sticker on top, flat or big radians surface of product,Adhesive Sticker Flat Labeling Machine

Labeling Application

 Labeling self-adhesive sticker on top, flat or big radians surface of product

Products Applicable: square or flat bottle, bottle cap, electrical components etc.

Labels Applicable: adhesive stickers in roll

Labeling Machines Feature

  Combine of product feeding tray, labeling head, conveyor belt, product collection box, mainframe box

  Labeling on flat side of electrical components, and it's adjustable for different sized products

  Easy to operate on Touch Screen, labeling controlled by PLC

  Photo sensor achieve “no product, no labeling” . High Labeling Speed and Labeling Accuracy

  Labeling Steadily, strong S/S frame construction, all the electronics parts are imported from Germany, Japan, France

  Wipe labels on products by brush

  Labeling machine produced accordance with GMP Standard and CE certificated     Automatic Labeling, work independently or connected to a production line

Main performance:

1.aplicable to paste adhesive sticker on the upper-planes of the products which are from food, daily use chemical, medicine, stationery, and other industries; 

2.Wide application range that it could be used to paste adhesive sticker on the planes of objects with a width of 30mm ~ 200mm or label them, as well as those which have uneven surfaces with the label-pressing mechanism being changed;

3. Strong and durable with the use of three-lever adjustment mechanism which makes full use of the stability of the triangle; Easy and timesaving to replace different objects;

4. Intelligent control and automatic photoelectric tracking with functions of cancelling labeling work without objects there, auto correction without labels to use and automatic check for labels to avoid omitting or wasting labels.


Options Function for the Labeling Machine

 Coder Printer to print batch number, production date, expiry date and so on on the label when labeling

Sensor for Clear or Bronzing Labels

Product Description

Technique parameter: 
-- Inner diameter of label: 76mm
--Max outer diameter of label: ≤ 300mm
--Label precision: ± 1mm
--Production capacity: 20-300 bottle/min (according to bottle and label size)
--Power supply: 220V-50Hz/60Hz (according to the customer's requirement)
--Power: 450W
--Weight: 170Kg

--Dimension: 1500mm× 950mm× 1260mm(L× W× H)


--The machine adopts imported PLC control system, or touch switch knob control, elected Japanese Omron photoelectric device, variable speed motors, conveyor chain board and imported belt related parts. 

--Host design absorbed import machines' labeler transmits way, solving the general domestic labeling unstable factors. 

--The machine is suitable for different bottles, easy adjustment, can be finished in a short time. 

--The quick printer adopts the motor drive, gas drive. The words in the ribbon are clear and clean. 

--The whole machine is designed to meet GMP standard. 

--This machine is suitable for processing planar object label of medicine, chemical, food, commodity etc.




1. What kind of labeling machine do you have?

Dear Customer, we specialize in automatic and semi-automatic labeling machines for round containers and flat surface, also irregular-shape bottles. In addition, we can supply double-flank labeling machine with high speed and oriented systems.

Pls be free to send us your labeling requirements, we'll provide you best suitable models. Thank you.


2. Can you make customized labeling machines for us?

Sure, we can. And we supply the service of designing the machine according to your specific labeling situation.


 3. Is there any insurance to guarantee my order from your company?

the quality, delivery time, your payment is all ensured , after you visit factory, you can feel our gurantee and quality assurance. 


4. We supply engineers available to service machinery overseas