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Glue labelling machine

Glue labelling machine for special products, GLUE LABELLER, GLUE LABEL APPLICATOR

Glue labelling machine 

Main feature

1. loading materials automatically;
2. receiving materials automatically;
3. conveyor lengthened;
4. material- receiving platform;
5. a customization for single-end or double-end labeling meeting high speed single face labeling or double-faced labeling;
6. other custom-made functions according to clients’ demands.

This machine suitable for cylindrical glass bottle, plastic bottle ,metal can ,drum etc stick paper label automatically. It is economical and easy to operate. The performance is stable with a level off and good looking labeling result. When machine running ,first the stick pole take glue and label sent from label box to stick role and rotary to vacuum belt and final stick around the bottle body .The control system adopts convert motor system, the step of conveying bottle, supplying glue and sticking label all can be done automatically. This automatic labeling system is ideal for food & beverage, medical industry ect.


Performance Features:

Ø  Screw rod bottle feeding system guarantees accurate bottle positioning with low failure rate;

Ø  Labels are delivered by vacuum belt so that labeling is well done;

Ø  Photoelectric sensor detect the bottle, no bottle no label

Ø  The design of wet glue tank with high accuracy, Rubber roll take glue uniform, No glue leak out and labeling stick smooth and firm with high accuracy

Ø  Similar size labels only need small adjust machineNo need change the label box. For big different bottles and label , easy to change stick pole and and vacuum belt etc can be aviable.


Technical Data



Speed (b/m)


Bottle diameter


Label size(L*H)(mm)  




Labeling accuracy:


Power supply

3P 380V 50HZ  1KW

Pressure air(min)



water—soluble resin adhesive

Machine weight (kg)


Machine Overall size


Differnet bottle maybe a little different

Industry Type(s)

Ø  Cosmetic /personal care

Ø  Household chemical

Ø  Food & beverage

Ø  Nutraceuticals

Ø  Pharmaceuticals


Major components and parts

Ø  Main Motor    Teco/Taiwan

Ø  Vaccum Belt     NITTA/Japan

Ø  Transfer Motor  Liming/ Taiwan

Ø  Reducer        Chengda/Taiwan

Ø  Conveyor       3m Heavy duty PVC

Ø  Machine Frame    SS 304

Ø  Vaccum pump     Shenghong/ Taiwan

Ø  Screw roller      Nelyon material import from Switzerland

Ø  Contactor         Shilin/ Taiwan

Different kind bottles on the machine for reference ---

Glass bottle 


Technical parameters

Model / technical parameters


Labeling capacity(pcs/min)

80-100 pcs/min

Labeling accuracy(mm)


Label size(mm)




Polyvinyl acetate emulsion

Machine size (mm)


Power supply 

 AC220V /380V  1500W

Standard wood crate package and workshop IMAGE as below: