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Teartape, also known as tearstrip or tear-off ribbon is a polymer-based narrow tape that is attached to the inner surface of filmic overwrap of common non-durable fast-moving consumer goods such as soft drinks, groceries or toiletries, as well as tobacco
Our customers are always searching for innovative ways to pack their products, whether they are in the tobacco, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, CD/DVD or any other industry. The demand for easy and safe opening solutions is constantly rising. Okay-packag
PE cling film is made based on linear low density polyethylene. It is mainly used for the packaging of food. For example, fruits and vegetables usually bought, as well as semi-finished products purchased in the supermarket use this kind of material.
The five-layer co-extruder polyolefin shrink film is a new environmentally friendly and non-toxic heat shrink packaging material. It is made using PE and PP as major raw materials and undergoing co-extruding and blow molding process. This helps to enhance
more than 20 years factory for CELLOPHANE film wrap machine manufacturer with CE STANDARD