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Machine or hand use STRETCH FILM

PE stretch film or PE wrapping film, is made using high quality linear low-density polyethylene as the base material, with addition of superior tackifier. It is processed through heating, extruding, casting, and then cooling by chilling roll, ensuring str

                                       STRETCH FILM 

1. Product Description

1) 20 years experience.

2) Short delivery time, 60 tons daily output.
3) Low MOQ and OEM is accepted.

4) Export to over 60 countries.

2. Introduction of Stretch Film
Stretch Film /Film Strech /Stretch Wrap /Pallet Wrap is primarily used in pallet wrapping and storage operations to stabilise and hold loads together, but also keeps your products clean and dry. it is designed to cling tightly to objects and provide a secure overwrap to protect goods from shifting during transport.
- Available in machine and hand-applied formats.

- Thicknesses range from 12 to 35 microns and films available in clear and color tint.

3. Applications 
- Packing of corrugated boxes
- Packing of loose and small products together

- Packing of big machines

4. Regular sizes :                                                                    

MACHINE Stretch Film
17micron X 50cm X 1800m (6000'')
20micron X 50cm X 1500m (5000'')
20micron X 50cm X 1800m (6000'')
23micron X 50cm X 1500m (5000'')

HAND Stretch Film
12micron X 45cm X 457m (1500'')
15micron X 45cm X 300m (1000'')
17micron X 45cm X 300m (1000'')
17micron X 45cm X 457m (1500'')

General Description:

LLDPE stretch wrap film, also known as PE stretch film or PE wrapping film, is made using high quality linear low-density polyethylene as the base material, with addition of superior tackifier. It is processed through heating, extruding, casting, and then cooling by chilling roll, ensuring strong toughness, high elasticity, anti-tear, high viscosity, thin, cold-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, dust-proof, water-proof, single-sided adhesive, double-sided adhesive and other properties.

This product can save materials, labor, and time in use. We can produce super strength 18 μm machine wrapping film to help clients reduce costs. The width is available within 50-1500MM.

1. Small Bundling Wrapping
2. Low Volume Wrapping
3. Automated Wrapping
4. Pallet Wrapping

The stretch film is widely applicable to exports, cans, food and beverage, printing and papermaking, refractories, wooden floors, cosmetics, handicrafts, non-woven fabrics, carpets, ceramics, mechanical and electronic products, computers, communication products, books, electronic components, household appliances, chemical raw materials, tiles, construction steels, profiles, wire rods, aluminum extrusions, etc.

Technical Parameter:

Test ItemUnitTest MethodManual WrapMachine Wrap
ThicknessDial Gauge12 ~ 8018 ~ 80
Specific Gravityg.cm3ASTM D-15050.9250.925
Tensile StrengthMpaASTM D-882Vertical >16
Vertical >16 
Horizontal >13
Elongation at Break%ASTM D-882Vertical >300 
Horizontal >450
Vertical >550
Horizontal >450
Haze%ASTM D-1003<2.0<2.0

Storage: The stretch wrap should be stored at room temperature, and not be exposed to the sun. Avoid over-weight extrusion (to prevent deformation of the paper tube).

Packing: The product is packed in five-ply corrugated box for shipping. According to customer demand, we can make shipping marks on carton for free.

Our company is a professional stretch wrap film manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including shrink wrapping, PET plastic strapping, silage preservation film, LLDPE protective film, and much more.

Related Names
Goods Packaging Material | Plastic Enlacing Film | Chemical Packing Solution | Tray Packaging


(1) Thickness: 20mic

(2) Width: 400mm (film),,560mm (paper core)
(3) Length: 200m

(4) Color: transparent, black
(5) weight: 1.6KG 
(6) Packing: cartons or pallets.


(1) All our materials are 100% pure LLDPE. So our quality could be guaranteed. 
(2) Saving cost and handling time
(3) Advanced technology and equipment
(4) Great ideals for protecting goods from moisture ,rust and dirt 
(5) economical materials of unitizing

(6) no harmful to environment

More image:

Main Buying Procedures:

(1) Enquiry: Please contact us by email,phone and let me know your inquiry.
(2) Discussion: specify the items you desire, confirm specification.
(3) Delivery Item: FOB QINGDAO ( If you want to deal with EXW/CIF/CNF term instead of FOB, please specify)
(4) Payment: 30% T/T in advance, balance 70% before shipment, western union, escrow, 
(5) Production Lead Time: 7~10 days for 20' container, 15~20 days for 40' container.

Why Choose Us: 
Our company have an excellent productin team and independent factory.
(1) Our professional staff are able to recommend you the perfect choices according to your specific need.
(2) Our experienced shipping coordinators can help you to solve delivery issues, including shipment, customs clearance.
(3) Our professional workers will produce the perfect products to meet your request.
(4) Well-trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries in English of course.
(5) Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party.

(6) We provide competitive price and fine quality products.

Popular Wrap Hand Stretch Film

Main Markets: 

Japan, United States, 

South Africa, Norway,  

New Zealand, Hong kong, 

Australian, Dominican Republic, Brazil 


How to Choose the Right Stretch Film

1. Determine the Load Size

Type A Loads Uniform in shape. The load size closely matches the pallet size. These are obviously the easiest loads to wrap. Few film puncture points exist. This type of load is often seen at manufacturing locations where the same product is prepared for shipment load-after-loads.

Type B Loads Less uniform than type “A” loads. The stacking pattern may be irregular and /or the load size may not match the pallet size. Several film puncture points exist. More film selection judgement is required, especially at high levels of film stretch and /or high film application tension. Type “B” loads appear at smaller manufacturing locations and distribution  locations. Each pallet contains two or three products destined for a single destination.

Type C Loads The worst of all to stretch wrap. No two loads are the same. Their size and shape range are all over the place. Sharp points seem to be everywhere and /or there is a major difference between the load and the pallet size. Film selection is critical. Type “C” loads are assembled at the distribution centers who supply retail store locations (i.e. grocery, drug, pet supply, automotive). Each load may contain dozens of different products.

2. Determine the Type of Equipment

Spiral wrap film should generally be used when the loads vary in configuration. Fully automatic high speed stretch wrappers equipped with pre-stretch usually require a premium grade of stretch film. Economy stretch films can be used for low stretch on conventional equipment. A mid-range stretch film is needed for pre-stretch equipment operating at moderate levels.

3. Determine the Type of Product being Utilized

The weight of the pallet load and type of product being wrapped must be considered when selecting film type, gauge and number of wraps.

4. Determine Special Requirements

Some end users will have a need for a special requirement such as a one side cling, UVI or colored film. A one side cling is commonly used for bundling or on a pallet load that may shift in transit. Products that are stored outside for long periods of time normally require a UVI (Ultra-Violet Inhibitor) film. Heavy tinted colored films are often used to mask the product being wrapped.

5. Determine Shipping Distance

The distance and method of shipment are important considerations. Films being transferred across the country in a flat bed truck or by rail would require a different film than a product shipped a short distance by truck or inter-plant.


- Payment: 30% T/T deposit payment in advance, balance against copy of b/l, western union, L/C.

- Production lead time: 10 - 20 days after deposit payment.

- Shipping methods: Ocean freight.

- FOB shipping port: QINGDAO, mainland China.

- If you want to deal with EXW/CIF/CNF term instead of FOB, please specify. Otherwise, FOB price will be quoted under inquiry.

- Your inquiry related to our product & price will be replied within 24hours.

- Well-trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries in English of course.

- Working time: 8: 30am - 6: 00pm, Monday to Friday (UTC+8).

- OEM & ODM projects are highly welcomed. We have strong R&D team here to help.

- Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party.

- Good after-sale service offered, please get back if you got question.