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Automatic pagination labeling machine for bags and papers is made according to customer's special requirement.
Automatic pagination labeling machine for bags and paper

Automatic pagination labeling machine for bags and papers is made according to customer's special requirement. The system adopts advanced computer fiber control to track the process. Automatic pagination labeling machine uses step motor control or servo motor control to release label and can detects the size of bottle and label by microcomputer control automatically. There is big LCD screen and the device to display and keep tens memories. Automatic pagination labeling machine is the world advanced electromechanical integration equipment. 

Automatic pagination labeling machine for bags and papers is mainly used to stick the adhesive label rightly on the paged plastic bag, paper, card, or paper box etc. The label can be anti-counterfeit label and company label.
Put one doze of products (box, bag) onto pagination device, the machine will automatically label the products one by one.

Technical characters
1.All machines are made of SUS304/316 stainless steel
2.It avoid many problems of labor labeling, skew labeling, bubble, wrinkle, irregular labeling etc
3.It equips electric-eye to improve the precision for cutting off the label materials.
4.It adopts equivalent PLC, positioning module, stepping motor and sensor electrical control system control. 
5. upgraded butterfly labeling station design, can be applied for conical bottle labeling
6. screw adjust the suppression mechanism, high accuracy
7. synchronization chain mechanism, to ensure smooth and precise calibration
8. transparent sticker labeling without foam,adhesive sticker labeling without wrinkle

9. widely used and mutil-function with high flexibility

Main features:


 1. Applicable to automatically separating and labeling  pages of unformed paper boxes, instruction books and cards , and it can print codes which are from medicine, food, daily use chemical, etc.;


2.  The vacuum conveyer belt takes materials onto it automatically avoiding material translocation. It can separate pages stably and accurately;


3.  The whole machine adopts mature PLC control system to ensure the stable running in high speed;


4.  Schistose material with any diameter can be separated and labeled automatically after adjusting

and locating fast without changing accessories with the use of popular type paging separating installation;


5.  Operation is simple, practical and efficient with the use of touch screen for operation system;


6. Speed regulation can be adjusted for labeling, conveying, paging separating as needed;


7.  Labeling is performed smoothly with no creases with the use of elastic cotton idler wheel;


8.  Automatic photoelectric detection functions including cancelling labeling without objects there and stopping running or raising an alarm without labels to use to avoid omitting or wasting labels.

Labeling precision±1mm (exclude the product label deviation)
Labeling speed120-200pcs/minite (its up to product size)
Conveying speed0-20m/min, can be adjusted
Label roll applicable76mm≤inner diameter,outer diameter≥350mm
Label size applicablewidth≤130mm, 10mm≤length≤300mm
Power220V, 50/60HZ-- adjusted for different country




1. Q: What label material does your machine use  ?

A: Self-adhesive sticker.


Q: The machine is automatic or semi-auto?

A: auto and semi auto, based on different production volume.


Q: Which kinds of machine are suit for our products labeling requirement?

A:Pls supply us your products and label size (the photo of products with label on it is rather helpful), then I will suggest you the suitable machine for reference.


Q: The machine can connect with the product line or not ?

A: Machine can connect with production line or put on the production line or operation alon all ok as you need .