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Round bottle labelling machine

Label Adhesive Paper Sticker to round bottles or Cylinder Products labeling.

Labeling Application

            Label Adhesive Paper Sticker to round bottles or Cylinder Products labeling.

            Widely used in chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food industries, provide solutions for the packaging line.

            Products Applicable: round, cylindrical products.

            Labels Applicable: adhesive paper sticker.

Labeling Machines Features

            With a special designed turning device for labeling

            Labeling machine produced accordance with GMP Standard and CE certificated

            Automatic Labeling,work independently or connected to a production line, save labors

            Easy to operate on Touch Screen, labeling controlled by PLC, no products, no labeling

            Labeling Applicator is adjustable for big range of bottle sizes

            Labeling Steadily, strong S/S frame construction, all the electronics parts are imported from Germany, Japan, France, USA

            High Labeling Speed and Labeling Accuracy

            Customization is available

Main feature:

1.The whole machine adopts imported servo control system which is enable the running stable operation, high speed, advanced touch human-machine interface friendly, simple operation, complete functions, has a wealth of online help function


2.Adopts imported electrical components of world famous brand, which ensure the stable, reliable


3.The general shape of the bottle separating device and double chain correction device ensure neutral, to special elastic top pressure equipment to ensure that the bottle shaped any diameter of the material stability without replacement parts, rapid positioning adjustment


4.A machine can complete the three types (round bottle, flat bottle, Square bottle) automatic side labeling specifications


5.Delivery, correction, pressure and speed automatic synchronous automatic synchronization tracking, which is enable to make adjustment is more rapid and simple


6.Automatic sensing, have nothing item without labeling, and without label automatic stop or alarm automatic detection function, prevent leakage and waste


7.Optional configuration (with code machine) can be online to print production date and batch number, reduce the bottle packaging process, improve production efficiency


8.The special report of calibration device, labeling, firm, smooth without wrinkles, which improve packaging quality


9.The machine can connection production line, optional connection pipeline, can also be equipped with the material collecting disk, collecting, sorting and packaging for finished products


10.Operation: put the product (the pipeline) - > product delivery (equipment automatically) - > products from product testing - > - > labeling - > collection has been labeled products.

Options Function for the Labeling Machine

            Coder Printer to print batch number, production date, expiry date and so on on the label when labeling 

            Special Sensor for Transparent Labels

For special bottle or special request for lable position, customized as per customer request. 

Machine details:



 1. Can you do customized Labelling machine?

Yes, of course. We are a labelling machine manufacturer with more than 10 years experience, we can do labeling machine according to customer's special requirements.

2. Is there any installation direction after we receive the machine?

Yes, we have a proffesional technical team and warm after service, we will solve any problem you meet during the installation and mass production in time.

 3. Is there any ensurance to guaranee my order from your company?

After you visit our factory you will be satisfied and we are looking for long-term cooperation, not only one time business. Repuation is what we rely on for better and better business.