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Three-side labelling machine

three side labelling machine and also to be customized as per customer request

                      THREE-SIDE LABELLING MACHINE  


Three side labeling machine adopts PLC programmable controller, imported servo motor, servo driver, frequency converter and transducer; Besides, shrink sleeve labeling machine adopts the positioning module to ensure the casting label precise, rapid and stable. Sleeve labeling machine not only has a highly precise position for casting label, but also can withstand the perfect shape of the bottle after shrinkage. 

Machine Image:


Three side labeling machine applies to food & beverage industries as fruit juice, tea, drink, dairy products, pure water, condiments, beer and sports drink etc. Of all kinds of bottles; Shrink sleeve labeling machine is suitable for various kinds of bottle types, for example: Round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle, curved bottle and cup-shaped, etc. Sleeve label machine not only has a highly precise position for casting label, but also can withstand the perfect shape of the bottle after shrinkage. 

Technical Characters
1. All-cover type stainless steel host machine: The whole machine is waterproof as well as rustproof. 
2. Adjustable cutter head: Uniquely cyclotron cut-off, double sided cutting edge with a long service life. 
3. Single positioning center guide pillar: A more stable for label delivery. 
4. Synchronous bottle divider: A more stable transmission for bottle. 
5. Bottom set of label brush: A more precision for casting label. 
6. Label-controlling electric-eye shelf: Unique combination of tail and electric-eye to improve the precision for
Cutting off the membrane materials. 
7. Push-button control cabinet: A more humanized operation. 

8. Independent feeding material shelf: The position of the material shelf is optional at will.

Main performance features:

1. Microcomputer touch-screen labeling machine adopts imported control system to ensure the stability of complete machine. Microcomputer and touch screen showing in Chinese and English make man-machine conversation true. It is easy and visual to operate and has abundant help-on-line function.

 2. Equipped automatic bottle-separating mechanism can separate bottles automatically with certain spacing before guiding bottles to ensure the stability of following guiding bottles, conveying and labeling.

3. Double-chain correcting device as well as special elastic pushing-and-pressing device ensures the stability of conveying material and labeling and the symmetry of the position of bottles on conveyor, which has low demand to putting bottles operated by workers and interfacing and feeding bottles of assembly line and reduce greatly their difficulty. It can be used alone or combined with assembly line.

4. Convoying, correcting, upper-pressure and label-feeding speed can be synchronously tracked, which makes adjustment faster and easy.

5. Equipped double-step label-covering mechanism ensures labeling precision during the first step and covers labels with squeezing method during the second step to eliminate bubbles efficiently and paste labels tightly on heads and ends to make the labeling smooth, stable and non-wrinkle, which enhances packaging quality greatly.

6. Automatic detecting with sensor has functions of unlabeling with no materials and warning when there are bottles passed with no labeling, broken labels or no labels to avoid wasting labels and packaging materials.

7. One stand-alone machine can finish single-size, double-size and bottleneck labeling with many kinds of sizes and standards for round, square and oblate bottles

Tech Parameters:

Labeling Precision±1mm (exclude the product label deviation)
Labeling Speed20~180pcs/min (its up to product size)
Applicable Product SizeFlat/square bottle:W≥20mm,L≥20mm, 20≤H≤350mm;
Round/beaker flask:20≤Dia.≤150mm, 10≤H≤350mm
Applicable Label Size15≤W≤200mm,  L≥10mm
Machine SizeL2700*W1550*H1500mm



1.Lead time: within 15 days from the date of receipt of your advance payment by TT. Special customized machine longer lead time. 

2.Place of Delivery: Shanghai , China

3.Terms of Payment: 30%TT deposit +70%TT before delivery. 

4.Package: standard wooden case as below. 

5.Shipping marks: Decided at the buyer’s option.



1. Q: What label material does your machine use  ?

A: Self-adhesive sticker and wet glue labelling machine, customized labelling machine. 


Q: The machine is automatic or semi-auto?

A: auto and semi auto, based on different production volume.


Q: Which kinds of machine are suit for our products labeling requirement?

A:Pls supply us your products and label size (the photo of products with label on it is rather helpful), then I will suggest you the suitable machine for reference.


Q: The machine can connect with the product line or not ?

A: Machine can connect with production line or put on the production line or operation alon all ok as you need .