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What is teartape, tearstrip or tear-off ribbon ?

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Update time : 2016-06-11 14:04:27

        What is teartape, tearstrip or tear-off ribbon ?


Teartape,tearstrip, or tear-off ribbon are the same product with different names, normally we call it teartape. If you are a smoker, sure you know it, it is the narrow tape attached on the inner surface of filmic overwrap of cigarette and is used to open the package of cigarette. Even you are a non-smoker, you might find it on the package of chewing gum, CD and/or VCD, biscuits, envelope, and other consumer goods when you try to open it.


Any more material for tear tape?



Several years ago, teartape manufacturers were using cellophane, BOPP ( bi-oriented polypropylene ), PET ( polyester ) films to produce teartape, with the development of the technology, above films are rarely used because of some disadvantages of the film (e.g. cellophane is too moisture sensitive, inappropriate elongation for BOPP etc.)

Nowadays, teartape manufacturers around the world are majorly using three kind of plastic films to manfuacture teartape, PET, MOPET, and MOPP.


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