Water activate kraft paper tape biodegradable packing sealing tape

Products Description
Product Name Water - activated Kraft Paper Tape
Type Plain or Print logo
Backing Kraft paper
Size (width & length) Can be customized as customer (Jumbo roll size or cut roll size)
MOQ 1000 Rolls
Adhesive Water-based vegetable gule (no posion , no smell , no corrosion)
Print logo Can be customized
Core diameter 36mm / 51mm / 76mm
Paper color Brown & White
Features Eco-friendly , good adhesion , writable , printable , non-toxic
Certification SGS / RoHS
How To Use? To apply, simply cut to size, wet the adhesive side of the paper with a sponge, spray bottle or rag to activate the adhesive, and
then stick to the box. Or, use a gummed tape dispenser machine (sold separately).
Features & Benefits  * Water activated adhesive – must wet the tape for the adhesive to get sticky; Gummed paper tape is not self-adhesive.
* Ideal for high-volume, heavy-duty or industrial shipping and provides a professional, high-quality look.
* Waterproof tape backing keeps box intact in all weather conditions.
* Easy to unwind from roll.
* Excellent adhesion to duct board.
If you... Then...
Are experiencing product pilferage when you ship your cartons... Water-activated tape provides a secure, tamper-evident seal that discourages theft.
Want to increase your carton-sealing productivity... Carton sealing productivity is 21% higher using water-activated tape vs. a tape gun with plastic tape.
Want to have a cost-effective carton sealing solution... The amount of tape needed to seal a carton using water-activated tape is 8% less than that of plastic tape.
Wish to print your logo or other message on your carton tape... Water-activated tape is printer-friendly for logos and messages using any color print.
Are shipping heavy, bulky cartons... Water-activated tape is strong. It improves the integrity of your carton seal.


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