OKAY-PACKAGING-Printed Biodegradable&Compostable envelops padded mailers bag

Printed Biodegradable&Compostable envelops padded mailers bag

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Product Description

Material properties


Polylactic acid(PLA) is a biodergradable polymer material prepared from biomass material by high technology. PLA has excellent biodegradability.After being discarded,it can be completely degraded by microorganisms in the soil to generate CO2 and H2O without environmental pollution.

Degradable Process

Degradable Process
Biomolecular materials dericed from renwable natural plant resources such as beet and potato.
All biodergradable products are suittable for various waste disposal methods;natural decomposittion,composting and incineration. The biological full degradation into water and carbon dioxide,zero pollution to the natural ecolog.

Product Description
Yellow Kraft Paper Mailer bags
Degradable express mailing bag, kraft paper surface, inner bag is 85 g bio plastic bubble wrap, It is an indispensable bag for e-commerce business. Cheap, easy to use, 100% compostable environmental friendly.

Application of Yellow Kraft Mailer Pouch 

This kind of yellow kraft paper eco-friendly courier bag, with built-in bubble bag, has shock absorption, anti-drop, anti-scratch. Applicable to e-commerce applications for smaller commodities, such as consumer electronics.
Yellow courier pouch Thickness and weight
The thickness of the bag body is approximately: 6mm, and the weight is approximately: 20 grams. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, no space for packaging products, and no increase in logistics costs.

Customized Courier bags

Contact us, and share your ideas or your requirement, we tailor-made the mailer bag according your offered specification. The colors, Size, style, and your logo, etc.
This express envelope bag -Ziplock bags.The self-seal closure provides a reliable, tamper-evident tight seal to secure all enclosures. Extra smooth surface is perfect for handwriting, labeling and stamping.

Product Features
Colors, Dimension & Logo Customizable
Degradation rate 100% compostable
Processing technology Blowning processing 
Types of packing  Corrugated cartoon
Technology Environmental friendly
Payment FOB /EXW 

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