Cling film

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Update time : 2016-05-30 16:49:12

PE cling film is made based on linear low density polyethylene. It is mainly used for the packaging of food. For example, fruits and vegetables usually bought, as well as semi-finished products purchased in the supermarket use this kind of material.

From a physical point of view, the plastic food wrap has moderate oxygen permeability and moisture permeability, which adjusts the oxygen content and moisture content around the preserved food, and separates the dust in the air, thus prolonging the refreshing time of food.


1) It can cover food containers to be free fr om the bacterial infection.

2)It can wrap food for convenient preservation of food such as sandwiches.

3) Refrigerating the soup bowl covered with plastic wrap helps to leave the soup with no oil.

The product is stored at room temperature with no sunlight exposure and super-weight extrusion to prevent the paper tube out of shape.

Standard specification of our PE cling film: 50 cm wide * 15 microns thick * 724 m long each roll, net weight 5 kg per roll.

Customized service is also available in our company. If you have such requirements, please send us the specifications of the product, with clearly expressed length, width, and thickness of the product.

Our company is a China-based plastic food wrap / cling film manufacturer and supplier. We offer a wide range of products, including LLDPE protective film, shrink wrapping, silage preservation film, PET plastic strapping, and more.



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