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Polyolefin shrink film

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Update time : 2016-05-13 17:16:35

                          Polyolefin/POF shrink film  


The five-layer co-extruder polyolefin shrink film is a new environmentally friendly and non-toxic heat shrink packaging material. It is made using PE and PP as major raw materials and undergoing co-extruding and blow molding process. This helps to enhance the barrier, anti-oxidation, and anti-aging capacity.

Main Features
1. Polyolefin shrink film features high transparency and good gloss. It can clearly show the product appearance, improve sensory awareness, and reflect the high grade.

2. With a maximum shrinkage of up to 75% and good flexibility, it can be used in the packaging of goods of any shape. In addition, the specially-treated five-layer co-extruded film comes with a controllable contractility, thus meeting the packaging requirements of different goods on the contractile force.

3. It comes with good solder sealing performance, high strength, and is suitable for manual, semi-automatic and high speed automatic packaging.

4. The product has good cold tolerance, and maintains flexibility without the risk of brittle fracture at -50 ℃. Hence, it is adopted when the packaged materials need to be stored and transported in a cold environment.

5. It is nontoxic and in line with the FDA and USDA standards, so that it can be used for food packaging.


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