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What are the differences between self-adhesive teartape and plain teartape?

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Update time : 2016-06-08 19:55:35

What are the differences between self-adhesive teartape ( pressure-sensitive ), wax-coated teartape ( heat-activated ) and plain teartape ?


Plain teartape is the first generation of teartape. when applied onto the plastic film, you must have wax heated and melted in the wax bath of your machine, and adjust the temperature carefully to avoid the burning of wax or cooling of wax. The melted wax produces smoke and is dangerous to the operators of the packaging machine and the whole factory.

To avoid the danger and inconvenience, people invented wax-coated teartape. The wax is pre-coated on the surface of teartape during the manufacturing of teartape. It is not necessary to equip wax bath with your machine when you use wax-coated teartape, you only need to heat the iron to melt the pre-coated wax on the teartape. But another problem occurs, the heat-energy got by pre-coated wax varies with the speed of the packaging machine, thus make the heating of the wax uneven. Sometimes the wax is overheated and leading to the breakage of teartape and sometimes it is underheated and leading to the unmelting of wax.

The pressure-sensitive ( self-adhesive ) teartape is the third generation of teartape and is the most advanced teartape untill now, it avoids the shortcomings of plain teartape and wax-coated teartape. It is manufactured by coating of adhesives ( not wax ) on the teartape during the production of teartape. No heating is needed, no wax bath is needed, no warm up time required, and you can feel free to change the packaging speed anytime.


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