biodegradable polyolefin pof shrink film
biodegradable polyolefin pof shrink film

“Eco-One”is one type of organic additive.which is rich in microorganism .for instance . the refused landfill and composting site. Which can dissolve the plastics and reach the biodegradation after a series of chemical reactions and biological reactions. And it is also able to be depleted as the food and energy by microorganism.


  biodegradable polyolefin pof shrink film added eco-one  .the microorganisms can get contact with others through the signals.and more and more microorganisms will come to enjoy the “plastic meals ”.in this situation .the long molecular chain will be broken into the small molecular structures . So our film also can be biodegradabled easily




High Polymer Material :

   We can offer the competitive biodegradabledropes made from pp/polyester/nylon/pe

Treatment scheme /Final Product Feature.(FAQ)


Product superiority


1. biodegradable polyolefin pof shrink film added eco-one is one type of 100% organic product .but without 100% amylum.

2.  biodegradable polyolefin pof shrink film added eco-one has been recognised to be used as a renewable energy sources through reusing the methane.

3. More than 95% plastic would be thrown into the landfills finally. But our rope which have been added the Eco-One can be bio-degraded in an id biodegradable film eal condition.

4. biodegradable film added eco-one is widely accepted by famous manufacturers in the US.

5.the price of our plastic rope added eco-one is less than half of the PLA plastics .