Why Use a Shrink Packaging Machine?
Why Use a Shrink Packaging Machine?

Why Use a Shrink Packaging Machine?


Shrink wrapping is used in a multitude of industries to wrap individual or sets products before they are inserted into a shipping container or placed on a retail shelf. Important benefits of shrink wrap systems include:

  • Performance. Shrink film is a high-clarity, high-strength material that protects the product(s) from moisture and environmental contaminants. It does not discolor over time and is easy to recycle. Its excellent optics help make a product “pop” on a retail shelf or POP display. When the film is sealed after being shrunk around the product(s), it forms a tight package that both secures the contents and deters tampering.
  • Low cost. On a per-package basis, shrink film is extremely inexpensive, helping companies reduce packaging material usage and cost.
  • Flexibility. Shrink film is a highly conformable material that can be tightly contracted around goods of almost any shape, uniform or non-uniform. Because an automatic shrink wrapper can wrap individual products or sets, shrink systems enable companies to create whatever types of packs it needs to diversify its retail offering.
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