Shrink Film Equipment
Shrink Film Equipment

Shrink Film Equipment

okaypackaging offers from the simplest hand-held equipment to the most automatic equipment – from heat guns to semi-automatic and automatic L-Bar sealers, side seal wrappers, tunnels and continuous motion units.


  • Impulse bar sealers are just one of the few manual tools used to surround the product with film.
  • For higher volume production, L-Bar sealers weld the film around the item much more efficiently.


  • Heat guns apply the heat to the film for the more manual, lower volume film and banding operations.
  • In higher volume applications, heat tunnels provide a much more consistent shrink and quite often have a much more professional appearance.
  • For even higher speed operations, continuous motion machines precisely controls spaced products for those requiring more accurate and repeatable shrink seal quality.